Opponent Crushers Helpline

Opponent Crushers Helpline has been launched to assist parents, teachers and students to verbally communicate with our Counselling experts on E-mail / Mobile services .

The Opponent Crushers Helpline Helpline will assist in:

Career Counselling support
Co-curricular activity planning
Parenting issues
Exploring innovative teaching-learning processes in the classroom situation
Dealing with stress & anxiety
Life Skills inculcation
Nurturing Sports talent in kids
This helpline will provide free counselling services and the caller has to only bear the call charges.

More Interested Parents / People Can Volunteer to Join Us to Help the Students to Build Their Bright Future.

Our Panel of Experts (day/time/mobile to call are stated in brackets)

1. Capt.A Goel….Having 19 years of Experience in The Aviation Industry
(Contact Number - 9990207999)

Having An Academy In Delhi , For Ground Training of Student Pilots.
Having 2 Aircrafts For Training Pilots.
Having Private Pilot Lisence.

Having Experience of Working in Jet Airways.

2. Lalit Pant…….Computer Programming, Product Design and Development
(Since Lalit is currently in Dallas, USA, he may be contacted at moc.liamg|tilal.tnap#moc.liamg|tilal.tnap)


Lalit is a Codecrafter, Software Architect, and Teacher based out of Dehradun, India, and Dallas, TX (USA). Over the past many, many years, he has designed and developed software products and customized software for companies in the United States, Europe, and India. Most recently, he has started teaching Computer programming, Math, and Physics to school-children. Lalit has also written articles for popular programming magazines like Dr. Dobbs Journal and Java Report. His current software-related areas of interest are: Interactive Tools and Games in Education, Programming Languages, Genetic Algorithms, Concurrency, Distributed Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. You can follow his technical writings on his Blog.

Lalit is a graduate of IIT Kanpur. He has a postgraduate degree from IIT Delhi.

3. Nikhil Pant


Nikhil has been working with school children and college youth for over 15 years. He left his Civil Engineering job to teach at Manava Bharati School, New Delhi, in 1996. He has developed Child Centric Learning By Doing (CCLBD) modules - SAMEER & MAITREYA - that focus on enabling & empowering children to discover their true calling in life. Parents, College Youth and Corporate executives (as part of CSR) volunteer in implementing these modules - both in schools as well as in neighbourhoods. More of his thoughts are available on his Blog and in this Essay.

4. T.N. Mishra
(Contact Email - ni.cin|arhsim.kolirt#ni.cin|arhsim.kolirt)

Mr.Mishra has been working in The Office of the Vice-President of India for about 18 years.
He is The Deputy Director , O/o Vice President of India.
He has Achieved PHD from The Oxford University.

Thanks And regards
Aditya Goel
For Opponent-Crushers

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