Ground Zero

Ground Zero

The anniversary of 26/11…i.e 26/11/08 has a lot of people asking, "What is each one of us supposed to do to make our lives and neighbourhoods more secure?" Pointing fingers is NOT THE SOLUTION!! Is there a strategy by which each one of us can make a difference that will act as a deterrent to future merciless strikes by terrorists?

Well, the answer is yes. REACHA has been spearheading a SAFE INDIA CAMPAIGN since 26/11/08. Our school children, their teachers and parents CAN take up this campaign within their schools and neighbourhoods. This campaign is now being taken up as a Project as part of Project Samvedna.

To know more about the rationale behind this Project Strategy For Counter Terrorism. The Project Format can be downloaded by clicking here Format For Safe India Campaign

This Project Would be Done By - Nikita Mathur

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Aditya Goel
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