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This is The Sister concerned Site of Samvedna.

Project Samvedna is a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Tata Teleservices Limited - TTSL (www.tataindicom.com) in partnership with REACHA (www.reacha.org). For the pilot programme in the 1st year we had 2 schools on board - Manava Bharati India International School, N Delhi and Him Jyoti School, Dehra Dun. 2 more schools have joined the Samvedna family from November 09 onwards - DPS, Amritsar and Ramagya, Noida.

This project would be achieved by engaging children, their parents & teachers, college volunteers and corporate executives (from TTSL to start with) in meaningful projects like:

1. Online forums to discuss and debate issues that concern us all
2. Samvedna Helpline…where counselling will be provided by resource experts to enable the 'seeker' to find solutions to their personal problems as well as those impacting the neighbourhood
3. Environmental & Eco-sensitive projects…..like reusing paper, energy & water conservation etc
4. Kogics (www.kogics.net)…a platform that assists children, the youth and adults to hone their mental skills in math and science through innovative games
5. Scratch….a project developed by the MIT Media Lab to encourage learning computer programing in a fun filled format …… etc.


Aditya Goel (Leader)

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